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How to Set Up Your Adstoo Campaign


First Step (Settings Campaign)

Step Two (Audience and Pricing)

Step three (Creatives)

Log in to your account and click Create campaign.

Name your campaign

  • Choose a name for your campaign.

Specify Ad Type: Choose the type of ad you want:


Redirect Link


Custom Search

In this explanation, we’ll delve into the Banner Ad type.


You can choose your time zone, specify start and end dates of the campaign.


Select required targeting options depending on your campaign goals.

GEO targeting

You can find the list of 240 countries. Select required GEOs. 
We recommend setting up language according to the ad creatives and landing page.


We recommend creating separate campaigns for each device. The major benefit of this segmentation is more precise bid control.

Operating systems

Targeting by operating system and specific versions giving you granular control over the delivery of your ads to users. This is essential for promoting mobile apps.


Targeting by browser is needed for advertisers who promote browser-specific products, like extensions. Also, this is an additional option to analyze the effectiveness of your ads.


Choose the section that suits your ad or make it public to get more traffic.

Pixel Collection (optional)

This tool allows advertisers to target visitors that visited a landing page but leave it without making a conversion. You can retarget by placing the pixel code on your site, and Adstoo will take care.

Step Two (Audience and Pricing)

Price Model

You have the flexibility to set the pricing for your advertising campaign, choosing between CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Mille/Thousand Impressions).

Manual CPC/CPM

Advertisers can manually set their own cost per click (CPC), entering the ad auction with a specified bid. In this model, the advertiser gains traffic based on the price they’ve set.


Adstoo  system automatically determines the cost in Smart CPC. Advertisers must select one of the following options: Dynamic Pricing, ASAP, Normal, or Cost-effective. Afterward, they need to choose the Daily Campaign Budget and Total Campaign Budget.

Dynamic Pricing

Adjusts the bid dynamically based on competition, optimizing for the best possible performance.

ASAP (As Soon As Possible)

Emphasizes achieving results quickly, potentially leading to a higher budget utilization.


Balances between achieving results and budget considerations for a standard advertising approach.


Focuses on optimizing costs while achieving campaign goals efficiently.

Advertisers can tailor their approach based on campaign objectives, and with the added options for Daily and Total Campaign Budgets, they gain further control over their advertising expenditures and overall strategy.

Frequency Capping

Frequency capping refers to how often an advertising campaign is displayed to a visitor within a 24-hour period.

Selective Frequency

Advertisers can manually set the frequency at which their ad campaign is shown to a particular visitor. This allows for a more customized and controlled approach to managing ad exposure.

Smart Frequency

The Adstoo system intelligently determines the frequency of ad displays based on various factors. Smart Frequency optimization ensures an effective balance between visibility and user experience, preventing overexposure and optimizing campaign performance.

By offering these frequency capping options, Adstoo empowers advertisers to strike the right balance between achieving visibility and ensuring a positive user experience.

Step three(Creatives)

Upload your banners.

We support images (JPG, JPEG, PNG), including animated (GIF), video and HTML5 banners.

After specifying the ad dimensions and entering your link, you can preview the ad. Click on Preview to see the ad

fter that, click on ‘Publish.

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