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Become a Publisher
Reach optimum revenues while ensuring the best user experience on your site.

Advanced Monetization Platform

Maximize the value of your inventory!

Compliant Ads

Have control over running Google compliant ads via compliant ad formats


Our compliance team ensures your site safety 24/7

Real time statistics

Detailed, real-time statistics provide you with insights to optimize campaigns

Expert support

The adstoo support team is fully prepared and ready to solve any problems or inquiries

Automatic Payouts

Select the payment method that suits you – we will process it automatically

competitive prices

You will earn money through CPC and CPM and we offer the best prices because we have major advertisers

Simple Steps to Start Making Profits Easily
via Adstoo

Publisher account on Adstoo

Register as a publisher in an easy and simple way on Adstoo

Add your site

Connect your website to your Adstoo account by adding the Ad Units to your site.

Start by attracting traffic .

After linking your website, all you need to do is start attracting traffic to your site, and you will begin to generate profits.

We appreciate the content you provide

Reach optimum revenues while ensuring the best user experience on your site
Thousands of advertisers compete for your ad space, meaning more profits for you and displaying more relevant ads on your website, filling more advertising spaces. You will earn money through visitor interaction with the ads, either through clicks or some ads appearing without clicks

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