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Tips and guidelines for Publisher

Frequently asked questions for Publisher ,If you do not find your question, you can contact technical support, and your inquiries will be answered as quickly as possible

Getting Started as a Publisher

Getting Started as a Publisher with Adstoo:

To kickstart your journey as a publisher with Adstoo, follow these steps:

  1. Register Your Account:
  2. Add a Website:
    • Process: After registering, proceed to add your website to the Adstoo platform.
    • How: Access your account dashboard, locate the “Add Website” option, and input details about your website. This step establishes the connection between your site and Adstoo.
  3. Add Spots:
    • Process: Enhance your website’s advertising potential by adding spots for advertisements.
    • How: Within your account dashboard, explore the “Add Spots” feature. Specify the locations on your website where ads will be displayed. This customization allows you to optimize ad placement for better visibility and engagement.

Key Considerations:

  • Quality Content: Ensure that your website offers valuable and engaging content to attract advertisers.
  • Traffic Insights: Understand your website’s traffic and audience demographics to optimize ad targeting.

As Adstoo: We, at Adstoo, are excited to welcome you as a publisher! Our platform is designed to provide a seamless experience for publishers to monetize their websites effectively. If you encounter any challenges or have questions during the onboarding process, our dedicated support team is available to assist you. Feel free to explore the various features within your Adstoo account to make the most out of your publishing experience.

  1. Access the Control Panel:
    • Navigate to your Adstoo account’s dashboard. Login
  2. Add a New Website:
    • Go to the “Websites” section.
    • Click on “Add New Website.”
    • Provide the necessary details about your website.
  3. Create Ad Units:
    • Move to the “Ads” section.
    • Click on “Create Ads.”
    • Choose “Add New Ad Unit.”
  4. Select Ad Type:
    • Specify the type of ad unit you want to create:
      • Banner
      • Direct Link
      • Custom Search
      • Popunder
  1. Generate Ad Code:
    • After creating the ad unit,.
    • Copy the generated code.
  2. Implement Ad Code on Your Website:
    • Paste the ad code in the desired locations on your website.
    • This can include specific pages or sections where you want the ads to appear.
  3. Start Earning Instantly:
    • Once the ad code is in place, your website is ready to start generating revenue.
    • Advertisements will be displayed in the designated spots, and you’ll earn income based on visitor interactions with the ads.

Additional Tips:

  • Optimize Placement: Experiment with ad placement to find the most effective spots on your website.
  • Ad Types: Explore different ad types to diversify your revenue streams.
  • Monitor Performance: Regularly check your Adstoo dashboard to monitor ad performance and optimize strategies.

Publishers Guides

  1. At Adstoo, we offer four types of ads to cater to different preferences and website setups. Choose the ad type that best suits your website:
    1. Banner Ads:
      • Description: Traditional display ads that can be placed in various locations on your website.
      • Usage: Suitable for standard advertising spaces on webpages.
    2. Redirect Link Ads:
      • Description: Ads that redirect users to a specified link when clicked.
      • Usage: Ideal for promoting specific landing pages or offers.
    3. Popunder Ads:
      • Description: Ads that open in a new browser window behind the main window.
      • Usage: Can grab attention when users interact with your website.
    4. Custom Search Ads:
      • Description: Banner ads displaying suggested search results based on user interests.
      • Usage: Enhances user engagement and encourages searches on your website.

Accepted Traffic Types on Adstoo:

At Adstoo, we prioritize real and genuine traffic, and we strictly prohibit any form of fraudulent traffic, such as bots. Our commitment is to uphold high-quality traffic standards, regardless of its origin. We have implemented an intelligent system to detect and prevent any manipulation that could potentially harm our advertisers.

Key Points:

  • Real Traffic Preferred: We accept real, high-quality traffic, regardless of its source.
  • Smart Detection System: Our platform incorporates an intelligent system to identify and prevent any attempts at manipulation or fraudulent activities.
  • Account Compliance: It’s essential to understand that any manipulation of visitors, clicks on ads, or violations of policies can result in the closure of your account.

Adstoo is dedicated to maintaining a trustworthy and reliable advertising ecosystem. By adhering to these traffic standards, we ensure a fair and effective advertising environment for both publishers and advertisers. If you have any questions or concerns about traffic quality, our support team is here to assist you. Let’s work together to create a secure and prosperous


At Adstoo, we believe in transparent and timely payments to our publishers. Here are the details of our payment methods and terms:

  1. Payment Frequency:
    • Publishers receive payments on a monthly basis.
    • If a publisher begins working in the first month, earnings will be issued in the following month.
  2. Minimum Payout:
    • The minimum payout threshold is $50.
    • Earnings eligible for payment will be displayed in the “Balance Due” section.
  3. Payment Processing:
    • Payments are processed monthly to ensure regular disbursement of earnings.
    • The system will calculate the total eligible earnings, and payments will be issued accordingly.
  4. Balance Due:
    • The “Balance Due” section reflects the earnings that are ready for payment.
    • Publishers can track their earnings and view the amount that will be processed in the upcoming payment cycle.

  Adstoo is committed to providing a straightforward and reliable payment process for our publishers. By adhering to these terms, we aim to ensure a fair and consistent payout experience. If publishers have any inquiries about payments or need assistance, our support team is available to help. We value our partnership and look forward to a successful collaboration

Adstoo provides multiple payment options to cater to the diverse needs of our publishers. Here are the available payment methods:

  1. Bank Transfer:
    • Publishers have the option to receive payments through traditional bank transfers.
  2. Wise (formerly TransferWise):
    • Wise is another convenient payment method offered to our publishers for receiving earnings.
  3. Instapay (Available for Publishers in Egypt):
    • For publishers located in Egypt, we offer the Instapay payment option to facilitate faster and more accessible transactions.

      Adstoo strives to make the payment process seamless and accessible for our publishers. By providing various payment options, we aim to accommodate the preferences and requirements of our diverse publisher base. If you have specific questions about payment methods or need assistance, our support team is here to help. Your success is our priority.

Referral Program on Adstoo:

At Adstoo, we have a robust referral program designed to reward our publishers for referring others to the platform. Here’s how the referral system works:

  1. Earning a Percentage:
    • Publishers participating in the referral program will earn a percentage of the earnings generated by each referred publisher.
    • The referral bonus is a percentage of the referred publisher’s earnings.
  2. No Deduction from Referred Publisher:
    • It’s important to note that the referral bonus is provided to the referring publisher without any deduction from the earnings of the referred publisher.
    • Referring publishers receive their bonus as an additional incentive for introducing new participants to Adstoo.

How It Works:

  • When a publisher successfully refers another individual or entity to Adstoo, they become eligible for the referral program.
  • As the referred publisher earns revenue on the platform, a percentage of those earnings is awarded to the referring publisher as a bonus.
  • The referral bonus is an ongoing reward, providing an extra stream of income for publishers who actively promote and bring new participants to Adstoo.

Ads Policies

  • Drop down menus or check boxes
  • Microsoft Windows Fake Elements
  • Fake Disclaimer
  • Fake video players
  • Fake play button
  • Fake Download Button
  • Site mimicking (layout, logo, elements)
  • Exit Button (as this refers to “fake” exit button)
  • Closing Button (as this refers to “fake” closing button)
  • Fake calls/messages/notification
  • Features that do not work
  • Fake mouse pointer

Low Ad Quality

(“Aggressive flashing” should be removed)

  • “Aggressive Flashing” – Ads that animate and “flash” with rapidly changing background and colours

Landing Page aggressive ads

  • JS pop-ups on top of the active screen
  • Auto sound on pop-up / pop-under
  • Pre-filled SMS window on mobile devices
  • Automatic redirects to mobile marketplaces
  • Auto Redirect
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