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Premium Traffic Services

Advertising and Monetization Platform for Advertisers and Publishers

Discover a diverse range of advertisements on Adstoo. With Adstoo, we open the doors to creativity and opportunities for publishers and advertisers, providing you with the ability to reach your audience in innovative and effective ways. Our platform offers four main types of advertisements to meet your marketing needs.


Desktop and mobile performance ads that deliver results.

Discover the potential of your product with innovative, qualified, and easy managed online traffic to reach your ROI.


Utilize our diverse banner options to enhance brand visibility and captivate your audience effectively. With a variety of sizes and unique ad spaces, you can tailor your message to stand out, whether you choose standard dimensions or custom sizes. We offer flexibility to accommodate your creative preferences and ensure impactful communication.

Pop under

Connect with your audience using Adstoo Pop-Under ads. Benefit from global exposure, capture attention in high-traffic regions, and leverage cost-effective solutions. Elevate campaign performance and engage users effectively with Adstoo Pop-Under ads.


Redirect Links

Utilize redirect ads to guide users straight to your chosen page, bolstering your marketing campaigns. This system ensures precision in directing traffic, enhancing user experience, and includes anti-spam measures to guarantee the quality of visits.

Custom Search

Optimize your visibility by placing custom search ads within articles, offering suggested results seamlessly integrated into the user’s search experience. This targeted approach increases interaction with your content, ensuring maximum impact.

Platform features for Publishers

  • Effortless Account Setup: Streamlined, quick, and user-friendly process.
  • Total Tag and Ad Format Control: Manage and customize your tags and ad formats with ease.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Gain insights with full visibility into your statistics and revenue measurements.
  • Optimize Site Profits: Unleash the full potential of your sites with Tailor, maximizing your earnings.”

Feel free to adjust the wording further based on your specific preferences and target audience.

Worldwide traffic and high-quality spots

Exclusive traffic sources
Access to high-quality exclusive traffic sources
Machine learning
Automatic optimization of your campaigns done by Artificial Neural Network algorithms
  • CPC
  • CPM
  • Smart Pricing
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